Oxmust delivers training tailored to individual clients, when the clients wants. Usually this training will take place on site, so that the client learns how to work on a familiar machine, rather than struggling with new applications and an alien computer at the same time.

Some of the courses Oxmust can offer:

  • Web skills
    Basic web skills - using email to its fullest capacity, surfing the web more effectively, using simple online collaoration, such as email groups.
  • Advanced web skills
    Extranets, wikis and blogs; building up your own web feeds in a simple, convemient format, using the web for simple project management.
  • Build a simple web-site
    An invaluable course for anyone planning on having their own website - whether they want to build a simple site themselves, or whether they plan to commission a designer to do it for them (and need to know the right questions to ask).
  • Online trading
    How to use auction sites; becoming an online trader through the popular auction sites; some of the issues involved in setting up your own e-commerce site.
  • Online Project Management
    Covering a wealth of issues to help you learn to manage and share projects effectively online - and a guide to some of the useful software that is available either freely or for a small cost.
  • Maintain your website
    This course is offered to clients who have a site designed by Oxmust. Some clients prefer to have a contract with Oxmust to update their site as and when necessary, but other clients will want to maintain their sites themselves. This course will teach you how to do that (using Macromedia Contribute).

Other courses are available (such as courses on various software applications, such as Photoshop and Dreamwaver. Ask if we offer a course you are interested in.