Over the past eight years, Oxmust founder Pauline Woolley has designed and maintained a wide variety of sites for the private, public and third sectors.

Click on the thumbnails below to see an enlarged image of the site (opening in a new window) - and click on the text to see a link to the current site.

Please note that many of these sites were designed when Pauline was employed by ruralnet|uk. This sites are marked accordingly.

Site under development

Ecovast - The European Council for Villages and Small Towns
Ecovast Home Page - link to enlarged image

This site is being developed in three languages (the fourth, Russian, is a parallel site designed and maintained separately).
From a shared opening screen, the visitor can choose to view the site in English, French or German - each site referencing a colour from the national flag.
Please note that only a few pages are currently available.

Recent Sites

West Midlands Forest Framework and West Midlands Woodland and Forestry Forum (*)

West Midlands Forest Framework and West Midlands Woodland and Forestry Forum - link to enlarged image
This site, designed and maintained for the West Midland division of the Forestry Commission, has two distinct areas - as indicated by different colour schemes.

I-See-T (*)
I-See-T - link to enlarged image
I-See-T is a project for collaboration in the voluntary and community sectors. (**)
WIRED for Business (*)
 - link to enlarged image
WIRED for Business is a project funded by Warwickshire County Council, offering IT training for small businesses in Warwickshire
Coventry and Warwickshire SETPOINT (*)
Coventry and Warwickshire SETPOINT - link to enlarged image
A member of SETNET - a UK-wide charity that promotes Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) awareness (**)
Rural Forum for Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire (*)
Like the West Midlands Forestry site , this site has two distinct areas - the Rural Forum and the Warwickshire Rural Hub.
Once again, different identities are maintained by variations in the colours schemes.
West Midlands Rural Websites (*)
West Midlands Rural Websites - link to enlarged image
The West Midland Rural Websites are a family of websites for the Rural Division of the Government Office West Midlands.
Anther project that connected with these sites, the West Midlands Rural Delivery Framework Consultation,
is described on the Consultancy page.
Other sites

Credit Action (*)
This site has a splash page that introduces the design, which is presented in a more clearly readable format for the more detailed text pages inside the site. (**)
Farming and Food West Midlands (*)
Farming and Food West Midlands - link to enlarged image
This site is about to undergo an exciting redevelopment. See the Consultancy page for more details
National Farm Attractions Network (*)
National Farm Attractions Network - link to enlarged image
A site with detailed links, maintained now (after training was given) by the NFAN (**)
Christian Childcare Forum (*)
Christian Childcare Forum - link to enlarged image
Another site now maintained by the client - after receiving training (**)
South Warwickshire Together (*)
South Warwickshire Together  - link to enlarged image
This is a fun site. South Warwickshire Together maintain it regularly - with lots of lively elements! (**)
Primetimers (*)
Primetimers - link to enlarged image
And another site now maintained by the client after training - although this one has been upgraded as needed by the designer too! (**)


(*) Site designed while working for ruralnet|uk, or under contract to ruralnet|uk

(**) This site is no longer maintained by Oxmust, although we offer support, and supply design updates.