Oxmust offers a full consultancy service no matter how large or small your project or company.

Web Strategy

Whether you are starting to create a web presence for the first time, or whether you want to explore new online developments, Oxmust will offer straightforward, down-to-earth guidance. Often the solutions can be easier than you think, and cost a whole lot less! For example, Oxmust can show you how to use free tools to run emergency virus checks, and to make sure that irritating spyware isn't downloaded onto your machine. Oxmust can show you how to set up simple (and free) online interactive calendars so that you can keep track of meetings whether you're at your desk or out in the field.

Oxmust has considerable experience in developing web-sites in conjunction with clients. Every site is individually crafted to meet the clients' needs - without losing sight of the audience at whom the site is being aimed. Oxmust will take clients through how to develop websites that can change and grow as their needs change and grow - building for tomorrow as well as today.

Coming soon - a case study: Ecovast updates their web-site.

Evolving technologies

Once upon a time, email was the hottest thing out - and we all waited around for a simple web page to download (chug-a chug-a chug!). Now many of us are using broadband and wondering however we managed without email for communication, or the web to buy our plane tickets, check our train times, print our driving directions ... and even answer that vexed question of, "What have I seen that actor in before?"

But where will the internet be going next?

Oxmust can advise on new applications and evolving technologies - whether you want a shared whiteboard, to make phone calls over the net, to arrange online project management, to hold an online consultation or to arrange a quick and easy way for different people to update your website.

Or perhaps you simply want to understand what these podcasts, blogs and rss feeds that everyone seems to be talking about. Whatever you need to know or do, Oxmust can help - and explain everything in clear and simple terms that will ensure you have a sound grasp of the issue.

Coming soon - a case study: Using blogs for online consultations: Government Offices for the West Midlands, East Midland and Yorkshire and the Humber use blogs to carry out online consultations for the Rural Delivery Framework.

Coming soon - an evolving case study: West Midlands Farming and Food use blogs to allow the Rural Hubs to have their own online presence.